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9/12/2011          ABC TV: Contact Sport and 7:30 report

News articles, in print:

19/06/2012        Adelaide Weekend Magazine: Don’t try this at home: Freediver Jody Fisher

26/11/2011        Adelaide Advertiser: Digging deep to hit underwater heights

27/10/2011        Courier News: High point for diver

29/06/2011        Divelog: The wonder from down under

30/05/2011        Herald Sun: Jody’s wildest dreams come true 

15/04/2011        Herald Sun: Jody swims like a Fisher 

05/04/2011        Caulfield Leader: Jody dives into a sea of tranquility

11/03/2011        Weekender Herald: Jody breaks two Australian freediving records

07/03/2011        Adelaide Advertiser: Jody dives into the record books

News articles, online:

02/12/2011        Sydney Freedivers: Australian Jody Fisher wins gold at World Championships

18/05/2011        Deeperblue: Newcomer Jody Fisher takes home 3 more Australian records

21/03/2011        Deeperblue: JODY FISHER sets Australian freediving records

30/02/2011        Sydney Freedivers

Radio Interviews

20/04/2011        ABC 891 (Carole Whitelock)   

10/04/2011        RRR Radio Marinara (Podcast)

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