Jody Fisher began her freediving journey at the end of 2010 when one of her friends  suggested that she ‘might be good at it’. In just a few months, she had set her first two national records, and within her first year of diving, she had set fifteen national records, winning the gold medal for Dynamic No-Fins at the 6th AIDA Individual World Championships to give her a world title.

Jody, formerly a competitive swimmer, has always loved the water. Her earliest freediving memories are from when she was nine years old, diving to just under 10m around the picturesque snorkelling site Second Valley, South Australia. Outside of diving, she is a highly-awarded classical guitarist, and is convinced that the thousands of hours of practise, involving intense focus and concentration, have provided her with the mental skills so central to freediving.

CWT: 54m                STA: 6:09            DYN: 166m

DNF: 150m               CNF: 52m            FIM: 56m

Completely at ease in the water, Jody has been described as a “natural” and “one of the most promising young divers on the international scene”. She is currently seeking sponsorship for training, competitions and record attempts in 2014. If you are interested and wish to receive further information about Jody please use the contact page to email.

Jody currently holds four Australian women’s records. Her official performances are:

Photo by Alex Coppel